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Bringing talent together to increase web traffic

We sponsor musicians by offering web space at no cost

For consideration Submit wav. or mp3 files. 

Consider helping us avoid the clutter of ads.


What we do

Web Presence

There may be web space waiting for you. We can list your music in the  Audio Gallery  for free.  Our secure web sites allow you to post your work without worry.

Interface Others

We operate in and around a hub of artists. The collaboration is what makes  Gilbert Art Blog work.  Catalogs and Galleries can be found across our websites.

Open Market

It is our policy to promote an open marketplace for all types of artists. Our revenue derives from onsite promotions, selling our own products and  Donations.

What You do

Submit Work

Get your audio files online in our quick start  Audio Gallery.  Submit the files for consideration on the Contact page.

Promote Yourself

Everyone involved benefits when we pool our resources. The  Gilbert Art Blog  is an internet gallery of talent. Share your web presence with people to grow our platform.

Sell Direct

Ultimately, the consumer is directed to the purchase platform of your choice.  Exposure to other artists along the way is our goal. 

For consideration Submit wav. or mp3 files.